Our Ranch Family

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Haleakala Ranch
Maui’s largest and oldest family-owned ranch incorporated in 1888 and spans five generations. More than 30,000 acres roll from misty uncoutry lands to shoreline pastures along the slopes of Haleakala.  While the cattle operation runs over 4,000 head, the ranch also tends to two herds of about 350 breeding ewes.  In its commitment to viable ranching, Haleakala Ranch has diversified with compatible ventures such as eco-tourism.

Ulupalakua Ranch
Planted predominantly in sugar cane during its early years, and once a favorite destination spot for King Kalakaua, Ulupalakua Ranch on the southwestern slopes of Haleakala is Maui’s second largest cattle ranch, sprawling across 20,000 acres of land beginning at the ocean and rising to 6,000 feet elevation.  Expanding into diversified environmental stewardship and offering Maui’s only winery, the ranch holds livestock at its heart, running 2,300 cattle.

Nobriga Ranch
The Nobriga family in the rough country of Kahakuloa graze a small 73-animal herd and are responsible for the sugar cane feeding program of Maui Cattle Company.  The Nobriga feedlot provides for about 1,000 head of cattle.

Kaupo Ranch
Maui Cattle Company managing director Robert Ferreira manages isolated Kaupo Ranch on the southern slopes of Haleakala.  In olden times, Kaupo lay in such isolation, that the ranch provided employees with housing, medical care, kerosene and food.  The ranch even allowed them to hunt on its lands since stores and amenities in the area were scarce.

Hana Ranch
Maui Cattle Company’s most remote partner may well be tranquil Hana Ranch, a 4,000-acre expanse that nurtures 2,000 head of cattle on the verdant east coast of Maui.

Olumau Angus Plus LLC, Kaua‘i
All Maui Cattle Company beef comes from cattle with superior Angus genetics.  This seed stock derives from Olumau Angus Plus, which has painstakingly worked toward a breed that thrives on tropical grazing.