We Are Local

Buying grown in Hawai‘i ensures that farming remains a viable lifestyle, and that the lands our keiki inherit remain green.  Buying local preserves our agricultural heritage and our connection to our ancestral roots.  As Maui’s second largest industry, agriculture enables tourism, Maui’s leading industry.  Besides providing beauty for visitors, ag is at the core of agritourism, education and entertainment, and Maui as a culinary destination.  In shot, buying local is vital to our culture, our community, our economy and our health.



Challenges threaten Maui ranches and green pastoral lands:

  • Urban encroachment and gentleman-estate development swallow up pastured open space.
  • The invasive species crisis facing Maui affects endangered plants and animals, indirectly threatening overall environmental and human health.
  • Watershed health, fresh water and water distribution are an ongoing concern for Maui farmers and residents alike.
  • Consumers, unaware of these issues, may favor mainland meats that are cheaper.

We are committed to facing these challenges.  However, we need your support and help.  Without support, Maui ranchers cannot exist.

How you can help:

  • Choose to buy Maui or Hawai‘i-grazed meats.  They travel no farther than from pasture to plate and minimal energy is used on transportation so our carbon footprint is small.
  • Don’t waste water.  Don’t use more water than necessary and try not to water the yard during mid-day.  Being a part of an island community, we must all conserve water so we have enough for all of us.